'House of Cards' Season 2 finale recap

The Walkers and Underwoods meet, where Frank decides to give Walker one last performance. "I can never fill your shoes, sir," he tells the president. After being sworn in, Frank's first act is to call China, and to squash their military beef. Why is China suddenly so eager to work with Frank? Because he offered them Feng in exchange, nullifying his immunity deal. "The Chinese are right about one thing: Sometimes you have to sacrifice the one for the many," Frank says. Frank and Claire make their way to the White House, shaking hands with cabinet members and members of Congress. Claire presents Frank with a new class ring, to replace the one he buried. Claire encourages Frank to take a few moments to explore the Oval Office by himself. Frank steps behind the desk, pushing the chair out of the way. He places the new ring on his finger and confidently places both hands on the desk, before giving it his trademark double tap. For the complete recap, click here.
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