Make a plan

When you are trying to eat healthy at the ballpark, it can be a challenge, but one that can be accomplished. The first step, as with any healthy lifestyle, is to plan. Will you be eating a meal at the ballpark or a snack? Plan your other meals accordingly. Camden Yards is one of the ballparks that allows you to bring in snacks and beverages. If you must have a hot dog, bring along a bag of baked chips, some baby carrots or a piece of fruit. That way, you are less tempted to get some fries or nachos to accompany your hot dog. Going to a 1:05 game? Start your day with a healthy breakfast and enjoy lunch at the stadium, plan on a light dinner of a salad topped with grilled chicken and vegetables and an olive oil / balsamic vinegar dressing.
Andre F. Chung, Baltimore Sun
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