Duquette and daughter recovering after kidney transplant

Jim Duquette and his daughter Lindsey are recovering after the former Orioles executive donated his kidney to the 10-year-old earlier this month.

Lindsey suffers from a rare kidney disorder with no known cure, focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, that destroyed her kidneys, creating the need for the transplant.

The transplant won't necessarily cure Lindsey and there is a 50 percent chance the disease will attack the new organs. But the family is hoping it could put her in a form of remission.

Lindsey has had some complications since the surgery, including a blood clot, Jim Duquette said. She was hospitalized this week after a blood test found high levels of creatinine. Creatinine levels determine how well a person's kidney is functioning. Doctors are doing further tests to make sure Lindsey's body isn't rejecting the new kidney.

"A biopsy will tell us if there is any kind of rejection," he said. "She very well could just be having a reaction to some medication. It’s one of those things. It’s kind of the way it’s goin to be through these early stages."

Jim Duquette said Lindsey is in good spirits since the surgery. She can't go in public for three months as she recovers.

Dad went back to work this week as a radio host and baseball analyst.

"That ‘s been an adjustment," he said. "After my show is over the energy level isn't quite what it was before the surgery."

Duquette is on the board of the Nephcure Foundation, which supports efforts to find a cure for FSGS and other related kidney diseases. He will attend a fundraiser for the organizaton Sunday at 6 p.m. at Kettle Hill Restaurant. Find more information here.

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