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Woman leaves millions in cat's name to vet school

A Florida woman was so inspired by the care her beloved kitty got at a California vet school that she left the institution $7.6 million in her cat's name.

According to the Sacramento Bee, years ago Maxine Adler brought her kitty, Du Bee, to the University of California, Davis, to be treated for cancer.

The kitty died, as did Adler, a few years later by a hit-and-run driver. But before her death, the paper reports, Adler had made sure her will included $7.6 for the university's school of veterninary medicine.

She asked that the money be used to attract leading researchers that specialize in cancer research. Any discovers they make will be tagged with Du Bee's name.

Because of Adler's gift, it's possible that some day, one of our kitties fighting cancer, will be given the Du Bee cure.

The gift is one of the largest in the school's history, Tom Venturino, a dean there, tells the Sacramento Bee.

The paper reports that Adler was well-known in her Boca Raton community for caring for feral cats. She also spared no expense on her own kitties. Du Bee was a multi-colored former stray.

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