Cardinals look to end 5-game losing streak as they visit Ravens

The working theory is that the Ravens' loss last Monday night means they will be focused and angry Sunday when they play the Cardinals, who at 1-5, would prefer the Ravens be distracted and passive.

That theory, however, doesn't work for Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald. The Ravens' losing to the Jaguars  on national television and dropping to 4-2 is one thing. You want angry, Fitzgerald said, try going six weeks (and counting) without winning.

"They lost one game," Fitzgerald said. "We lost five in a row. If anything, they should be worried about how nasty we're going to be. We're a hungry group and we've got to get a win any way we can. I don't care if it's 3 to 6, 2 to nothing, whatever it comes out to be.

"People have said that to me a couple times. They've lost one game; that's the end of the world for those guys, they're 4-2 now."

The Cardinals are off to their worst start since 2006, when they lost eight of their first nine games. If they lose a sixth consecutive game Sunday, it will be the third time since moving to Arizona in 1988 that the franchise has lost this many games before its second victory. It would be the ninth time overall since World War II.

The heat under this team, and coaching staff, is rising.

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