Papa Grande's Coastal Taqueria, Fenwick Island

Leave it to SoDel restaurant-guru Matt Haley to bring coastal Central American cuisine to the Delaware shore: Papa Grande's is a Coastal Taqueria on Fenwick Island. In a restored waterfront barn, lovers of Latin cuisine can sample some of the most innovative fare this side of the Rio Grande. The restaurant offers 18 intriguing varieties of tacos, including wood-roasted goat and lamb-shank mole, made-to-order guacamole and salsas, and Mexican ceviche cocktails. If you're bent on living La Vida Loca, taste the authentic tequilas and Ole Mole, Papa Grande's signature beer. There's even a sugarcane crusher for fresh margaritas and sangria. Papa Grande's, 38929 Madison Avenue, Fenwick, 302-436-7272,
Matt Haley Photo, courtesy of Papa Grande
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