Sandi and Jamie Krampert adopted Lincoln, a Seal Point Himalayan, after a sad phone conversation. "A friend called and asked if I wanted a kitten whose owner had been diagnosed with cancer and could no longer care for him," Sandi remembers. Her husband was allergic to cats but agreed to give Lincoln a trial run to see how badly his sniffling and sneezing flared. Sandi cautiously brought the tortoise-shell-marked kitten into the house and waited for allergies to kick up and ruin things. Happily, it turned out that Lincoln¿s long hair didn't bother him at all (Jamie learned he's only allergic to short-haired felines), and the cat was added to their Bel Air family permanently. Lincoln's favorite thing to do is sleep sprawled out on his back (it's a cat's life, after all), but every so often, he'll awaken and engage in his second-favorite activity: chasing the Kramperts' 85-pound dog around the house. He also enjoys sitting in a lounge chair like a human, watching TV, and indulging in vanilla ice cream and butter. "My husband I immediately fell in love," says Sandi, adding that she later added Lincoln's half sister, Lily, to the family. To have your pet considered for Collared, email information and a photo to
Christopher T. Assaf, Baltimore Sun photo
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