Arts and Attractions: Live Theater Experience

Hippodrome Theatre 12 N. Eutaw St., Even before visitors to the Hippodrome Theater have parked their cars, the oversized vertical sign ablaze with lights that spells out the theater's name in giant letters lets them know that they're entering a world of glamour, opulence and fun. Though the former 1914 vaudeville palace is a throwback to the heyday of former headliners Bob Hope, Milton Berle and Dinah Shore, the musicals the theater showcases are very much of the moment. In its centennial year, offerings range from "Once," a delicate tone poem about a modern romance, to the raunchy comic blockbuster "The Book of Mormon." Recent innovations include an expanded cafe service so that patrons can eat dinner before the show in the theater's elegant lobby. "We try to shift gears and to have a constant mix of shows so we can give our customers what they want," Jeff Daniel, the Hippodrome's president, said. "We want to have everything from the best Broadway shows to ballet, from stand-up comedy to the Soulful Symphony." --Mary Carole McCauley
Lloyd Fox, Baltimore Sun photo
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