No. 9 — Conviction in Pitcairn murder

Prosecutors and police won a conviction in the 2010 killing of Stephen Pitcairn (pictured), a case that grabbed the city's attention: Pitcairn was a young, talented researcher at Johns Hopkins University, killed by a repeat offender in a traditionally safe neighborhood of Charles Village and during an election year. It's a legacy his mother, Gwen Pitcairn, never wanted. "He was so much more in life than in death," she told The Sun during her the first interview following John Wagner's conviction. Pitcairn's murder came around the same time as another killing that shocked the city, the slaying of 70-year-old church caretaker Milton Hill in the downtrodden Oliver neighborhood in a robbery of a scooter. While Wagner's court hearings kept the Pitcairn killing in the news, Hill's seemed to fall to the side until police in late October made an arrest in that case as well.
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