Glimpsed at Humanim: Cindy Plavier-Truitt

Cindy Plavier-Truitt, 46, may be the chief development officer for the non-profit organization Humanim, but she likes her style to be "an expression of creativity." That's what we found when we "glimpsed" the Mount Washington resident on the job at Humanim's offices in the old American Brewery on North Gay Street. Plavier-Truitt showed off her "eclectic, funky, creative" style in a Voile dress that she found in a boutique in Hull, Mass., that featured a brown jersey top with puffed sleeves and ruffled duffs, an empire waist and a moss and brown patterned skirt. She'd added a pair of brown footless tights from Bloomingdale's, and a pair of brown corduroy and leather Tommy Hilfiger round-toe boots. She found her carved jade rose pendant on satin cording at an antique store in Salem, Mass. Her jade earrings were hand-me-downs from her mom. "She tutored a student from China, and he gave her those." Her mother was also responsible for giving her the brown checkerboard Louis Vuitton tote bag. "She was sick of seeing me with my dirty LeSportSac." Plavier-Truitt says this is one of her favorite ways to dress. "I love loose, fitting short-ish dresses and boots. Boots, boots, boots." She says there is a reason for dressing the way she does, beyond just being funky. "I do a lot of running around, so I like to have clothing that's comfortable and loose. And I don't want to create an impression of being too tightly wrapped."
Amy Davis, Baltimore Sun
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