Vanns Spices' Coconut, Vanilla Extract, Rum Extract, and Lemon Extract.

Vanns Spices, Woodlawn.

Vanns Spices is known for its unusual blends, like Himalayan Pink Salt and Juniper Berries. The company that was founded in 1981 by a teacher who used to mix spices at home, makes more than 2,500 blends that can be found locally at Eddies of Roland Park and Eddie's of Mount Vernon, Whole Foods and David's Natural Market in Columbia.

The products are also on the company's website. Their newest products are a new line of natural flavors and extracts that include basics such as vanilla and peppermint and more exotic flavors like black walnut. The company also recently introduced “grinder” spices and relaunched and expanded its gourmet line.

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