Over the past several years, the avid quantifiers at some of the nation's top magazines have had Baltimore squarely on their spreadsheets. The city has been called out for having the best drivers, the worst teeth, the ugliest people and the best singles scene. Kudos have rained down upon our parks, our neighborhoods, our restaurants and our record stores. We're one of the best places to be black, Jewish or a working mother and -- stand taller, fellas -- we're not the worst place to be simply a man. Every few months, out comes another list detailing the best, worst, most and least. Just the other day, Baltimore was ashamed to read in Travel + Leisure that despite its penchant for Hon-ing, it was the nation's seventh-rudest city. For a place that likes to think of itself as Charm City, that stung. Good thing the city was able to give itself some credit card consolation, what with Baltimore being Forbes magazine's third-best place in the country for shopping. Ka-ching!
David Hobby, Baltimore Sun
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