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Beach music in Florida

The Baltimore Sun

Finally took a long, romantic walk on Siesta Beach this week. The weather was perfect. The sand was like powdered sugar. The sunset was amazing.

I was alone, of course, but my wife told me that was fine “because you were with the person you love the most.”

There are signs all over the place proclaiming Siesta Beach the No. 1 beach in America, according to Dr. Beach. I don’t know who this Dr. Beach character is, or where he got his resort-related medical training, but it is a beautiful place that is easily accessible from just about everywhere on Siesta Key.

For the record, Siesta Beach got that ranking in 2011. Last year’s top beach was Coronado Beach in San Diego. The doctor apparently is bi-coastal ... not that there’s anything wrong with that.

The spring breakers aren’t here yet, so I didn’t get hit with any Frisbees. The beach crowd right now is mostly middle-aged vacationers and foreign tourists. The people-watching highlight of the day was a group of four shirtless Italian guys walking at the water’s edge in dress slacks. Don’t think I could successfully rock that look, but they seemed to be enjoying themselves, so who am I to judge?

Need to get out there earlier in the day to get some serious sun, because I like to come back to Baltimore looking like I had a great time so everybody will be jealous.

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