Mary Dalanon, 28, marketing coordinator, Canton

Your favorite all-time Ravens moment? Super Bowl XLVII, of course. Seeing the ups and downs of the seasons after the first Super Bowl win made last year's Super Bowl so much sweeter. The biggest way you've displayed your Ravens fandom? I never go anywhere without something that proudly says Ravens, especially when I'm out of town. My suitcase is usually packed with purple. Even on my low-key days around town I have Ravens earrings or my favorite pendant from the Broken Plate. Your favorite place to see a Ravens game (besides M&T Bank Stadium)? Pittsburgh or Foxborough, Mass. I love to shut them up. What does it mean to you to be a Ravens fan? I love football and everything that comes with it. To be a Ravens fan means being part of a huge family. We laugh, we cry, we drink (a lot). It means appreciating all the struggles both on and off the field. It means never settling for second place. It means being part of a huge legacy. If you could invite three Ravens to dinner, who would they be? Terrell Suggs, Haloti Ngata and Torrey Smith Your favorite Raven? Of all time? Edward "Ball Hawk" Reed. How did you celebrate the Super Bowl win? The door was already open before the clock reached zero. Then I literally ran out of the house (I was in Federal Hill at the time) and straight to Cross Street Market, jumping on random strangers and giving hugs. It was such a surreal and exhilarating moment! Your prediction for Sunday's game? Ravens 23, Vikings 17. Defense can force some turnovers with that struggling offensive line. If you could be one Raven for a day, who would it be? Terrell Suggs. I'd love to sack (hurt/maim ... whatever) the likes of Big Ben and Tom Brady. Fill in the blank: I am a Ravens fan because ____ I only love the BEST.
Handout / Baltimore Sun
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