Abbreviations, Willow

The Rebound ($7) Let me start with my favorite. What caught my eye? It's a gin shot. Yes. And talk about bad-ass. There are only two ingredients: green-tea infused organic Bluecoat gin and mint syrup. But don't be too intimidated; it also happened to be extremely fresh -- brushing-your-teeth fresh -- and herbal with a slightly spicy finish. it's an approachable shot for just about anyone. Rhubarb Pie ($7) Truly, a dessert shot -- without the calories. Rhubarb-infused vodka -- the very smooth Prairie Organic -- and house-made vanilla syrup combine for a light honeyed taste. I was expecting this to be tangy, but it's sweet, light and good enough to savor over several sips. Cliffrise ($7) A spicy little meal, the Cliffrise is a layered blend of house grenadine, lime juice and jalapeno-infused El Jimador tequila, an Agave Reposado with a smoky flavor. Of the three I tried, this was the most "shot-like" in quality -- a full kick of ingredients that run the gamut from hot to soothing. Think "cocktails in miniature." Lead bartender Julia Momose explains that all 11 Abbreviations are designed around infused spirits that she makes fresh and in-house. Read more about the drink here.
Gabriella Demczuk, Baltimore Sun
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