Distance from Baltimore: 10,440 miles, about a 22-hour flight (with stop) Why it's hot: Well, there are some benefits to being south of the Equator, including that summer begins in December. With thousands of miles of coastline, Australia has several beaches that offer relaxation and activities like surfing, scuba diving and other water sports. Take a moment to discover the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral reef which is rich in wildlife and thrilling adventures. For those more land inclined, hike the peaks, bike or rock climb the Victorian Alps. Enjoy the stunning display of over one million botanical specimens at the Royal Botanical Gardens. To see the rugged beauty of Australia in its natural element, consider venturing into the Australian Outback to explore deserts, gorges and waterfalls as you befriend kangaroos. Don't miss: Sydney Opera House, an iconic wonder of Australia. With a distinctive architectural design, the Opera House is a world class performance arts center. Whether you tour the grounds or take in a show, the Sydney Opera House is worth visiting. Information: Visit
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