Building a home

David Julien builds a home in a camp for individuals who have lost their homes in the January 12 earthquake in Port au Prince, Haiti. Haiti, one of the poorest nations in the Western Hemisphere, has been further unsettled by an outbreak of cholera which has killed at least 330 people. The epidemic has affected the central Artibonite and Central Plateau regions with over 4,000 cases so far on record. While authorities believe the outbreak is contained, they also believe it has not yet peaked. There is also fear that the deadly diarrheal disease could migrate to the sprawling camps for the hundreds of thousands of Haitians displaced by the earthquake. Haiti is also bracing for the arrival of Tropical Storm Tomas that could reach the island by the end of the week, when there is potential that the storm could develop back into a hurricane with wind speeds of between 74 and 110 miles (119 and 177 kilometers) per hour.
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