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Polish sausage from Ostrowski's

BALTIMORE, MD--3/17/05 -- JED KIRSCHBAUM/BALTIMORE SUN STAFF--digital imageDSC_0290----THIS PICTURE: Smoked kielbasa. ///STORY:Making sausage at Fells Points' famous Ostrowski's. PEOPLE IN PHOTOS. bald guy is John Ostrowski; workers are Keith Langford(ball cap, glasses), Anthony Carrington(African-american); Woman behind counter is Carleen Henninger. People in store are Eileen Bodny of Graceland Park buying kielbasa, kiszka and horseradish. George Henninger old man with ball cap. and Robert Kane of Towson whose mother's maiden name was Rakowski. No Mags, No Sales, No Internet, No TV JED KIRSCHBAUM / Baltimore Sun