A lemon stick in a glass at Ryleigh's Oyster

The Baltimore Sun

In honor of FlowerMart and its signature lemon stick treat, Ryleigh's Oyster in Federal Hill is featuring a limited edition Lemonstick Crush special Friday and Saturday.

The Lemonstick Crush ($8) is made with Voli Lemon Vodka, a fresh squeezed lemon, a splash of simple syrup and a splash of Sprite. It’s topped with a lemon half and soft peppermint stick.

FlowerMart is Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m to 8 p.m.

The Lemonstick Crush special is on all day Friday and Saturday at Ryleigh's Oyster. Officiallly, anyway. But, it was such a hit on its debut on Thursday, that Ryleigh's might keep it around longer, according to Ryleigh's rep Scotti Offutt.

"From the way people have been responding in-house and on our social media sites we just might be talked into running it throughout the month of May," Offutt said. "It's only been a day and this Crush already has some die-hard fans."

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