Tour #7: 'Subway Hoagie'

Take William Penn Highway toward Easton. Turn left at the Farmersville Road light -- by Skateaway -- and make a left on Rexford Drive (first left after entrance to Green Pond golf course) and the second right onto Jeanette. You'll see Musical Frosty's Christmas Tree Farm flashing at 4211.

Back to William Penn, turn left and continue to Stone's Crossing Road, where you'll turn right. Make a left on Virginia, left on Mine Lane Road and a right on Oregon to see blowup mania at 3415. It is … unique.

Go around the block, turn left on Mine Land and left onto Freemansburg Avenue. Pass Blair and turn right on Berks Street. Tune to 106.7-FM and you'll soon pick up 411 Berks, with the lights and music coordinated. There's a Make A Wish donation box.

Continue on Freemansburg across 25th Street into Wilson. Right after the next traffic light, turn right -- there's no street sign -- go to the bottom of the hill and turn right on Iron Street. We really got a kick out of the red and green display at 422 Iron, where Iron meets Second.

Turn around, go back to Freemansburg Avenue and turn right. Bear right at the light where it runs into Butler Street, bear left where it forks, turn right on Ferry and continue to Third, where you'll turn left. Go halfway around the Circle -- how 'bout that Peace Candle? -- and continue up over College Hill. The road turns into Cattell Street, bears left and takes you into Forks Township, where you'll turn right at the Elizabeth Avenue light. Make a left on Richmond Road, pass the school and turn right on Ramblewood, noting the nice house on your right just before you get there. Make your third right on Arrowwood and check out the awesome multi-tiered display at 1624, always one of my favorites.

Get back to the light at what is now Sullivan Trail, turn right and follow into Stockertown, where you'll turn left onto 191 south. As the road curves into Nazareth, turn right on North. The display at Church and North is fantastic, as always, and the rest of the neighborhood looks beautiful, too. We have even got out in the snowstorm to walk around.

Continue on North to Forest, where you'll turn left and then left again at Center. Turn right at Center Square -- beautiful -- and when you hit the T, turn right and then left onto 191 south.

Just after you pass the big white church on your right, turn right on Steuben. You'll drive a while before hitting Peachtree, where you'll turn right and then left on Hillview to see 4674 Willow at the intersection of Willow and Hillview. We really thought it was beautiful.

Continue on 191 into Bethlehem and you can pick up the Wassail route.

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