Tour #3: 'Peanut Butter Brownie'

Take the Eighth Street Bridge from downtown Allentown and turn right on Susquehanna. Left on Fountain to see the terrific display at 1224 S. Fountain on your right. This display was badly vandalized not long ago, and the determined owner rebuilt it.

Make a left on Juniata, right on Eighth/Mack. Turn left at Dixon Street, right on Delaware and left on Baker. Look to your right for 2003 Baker, then turn left on Idaho. If you can find a place to park, the display at 1921 S. Idaho is worth walking down the alley to see the side and back. Turn left on Mohawk and look to your right, then left again on Delaware, right on Baker, left on Lumber and left on Emmaus Avenue. Turn left on S. Sixth to see the perennial favorite at 2028*. Make sure you look up to see Santa flying overhead.

Go around the block and get back on Emmaus Avenue, where you'll turn left and then right at S. Fourth Street. At the top of the hill, turn right on W. Rock Road and follow to the dazzling corner of Woodlawn Drive, where you'll turn left to appreciate 2303 in all its glory.

Go back down S. Fourth toward Allentown, turn right on Emmaus and left at the Albert Street light. Stay right as the road splits and continue to E. Juniata, where you'll turn right. Check out 431 on your left, then turn left up to Susquehanna, where you'll make a right. Just after you come over the top of hill into Fountain Hill, turn left on Weil, then left on Savercool. Follow that to see 1805, turn around and turn left on John, where you'll find 1770 Virginia.

Go back down Weil to Broadway and turn right, bear left to the stop sign and turn left onto Seidersville Road. Just after you cross 378, look left for 1289 Seidersville, then continue as the road becomes Hickory Hills. Turn left on Kevin Drive, enjoy 2039 Carolann Way at the corner and circle this elegant neighborhood.

Continue on Hickory Hills/Friedensville Road into Hellertown, where you'll turn right on Main Street. At the car wash, turn left on Magnolia. Follow past the stop sign and turn left on Birch Road. I like the unusual colors at 427 Birch on your right.

Turn left on Juniper, left on Locust and right on Magnolia. Turn right on Tobias to see the display at Tobias and Saucon.

Make a left and get back over to Main Street, where you'll turn right. Just past the darkened Sunoco station, turn right on Linden for some dazzling white lights at 33, turn left and get back on Main Street heading toward Bethlehem. You'll see casino construction on your right as you approach the Minsi Trail Bridge. Just before you hit the Hayes Street light, make a very sharp left onto E. Third Street. The 1200 block is terrific.

Keep going and you'll hit E. Fourth. Turn right on Hayes, left at the light and take the Fahy Bridge to the north side. Turn left on Church Street and make the circuit of beautiful downtown Bethlehem. From here, you can head up Linden Street if you want to do the Wassail tour.

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