Family Room, Nazareth

Residence: Nazareth, PA Room: Family Room Current Furninture In Room: L-shaped sectional sofa, love seat, chair & ottoman, coffee table, sofa table, small accent table, an antique travel trunk that belonged to my wife's great-grandmother and a fish tank Room Used For: It's the family's gathering place to relax and watch tv or read the paper. The room is long and narrow and forms an L-shape with the kitchen/breakfast area. The kitchen/breakfast area is only separated from the family room by a half-wall, so the area is pretty much open. We can interact with what's going on in the kitchen and spend most of our time home in these rooms. Why doesn't this room work? We have lived here for 15 years and the room is ever-changing and evolving. Nothing ever seems to make it feel quite right. It is basically the hub if the house and many doors lead to it. Part of the problem is the large fireplace along with other openings offer little wall space to place furniture. On paper the room seems enormous (27 x 14, then tapering to 12 ft wide at the other end), but in reality we have trouble finding place for things. We've been trying to rearrange/replace items for some time but never get the right mix. • Vote This Room For A Makeover! • Submit Your Own Makeover Entry
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