Academy DiCapelli

Academy DiCapelli: Back row, Bradford Kelly, Kristina Cizauskaite, Patricia Luce, Nina Rosa; Middle row, Svetlana Schatz, Victoria Fortier, Amy Feldman, Samia Khella, Tori Lichter, Carely Rojas, Alicia Addle and Jonathan Zelisko; Front Row, Valentina Bustos. (March 27, 2013)

1) Academy Di Capelli

950 Yale Ave
(203) 294-9496


Voters Said:

Students are very advanced and love to make you leave happy!


2) Paul Mitchell School

97 Washington Ave., #8
North Haven
(203) 985-0222


2) Branford Academy of Hair and Cosmetology

251 West Main Street
(203) 315-2985