WESU 88.1 FM

WESU 88.1 FM: Standing, Jesse Brent, Mickey Capper, Ben Michael, Adam Wechsler, Adam Isaacson, Katherine Cohen and John Whalen; Kneeling, Isabelle Gauthier and Rick Sinkiewicz; Lying down, Adrien DeFontaine and Avery Trufelman. (Robert Cooper photo / March 7, 2013)

1) WESU, 88.1, Wesleyan

45 Broad St., 2nd Floor
(860) 685-7700



Voters Said:

They have a program for everyone.  They're very diversified, I love it!

Still free form after all these years and some of the best music and alternative community affairs programs available.

WESU is a great resource for Connecticut as it plays unique music and hosts thoughtful talk shows. Homegrown! Rob DeRosa!


2) WHUS 91.7 FM, University of Connecticut

2110 Hillside Road, Unit 3008R
(860) 486-9487



3) WFCS 107.7, Central Connecticut State University

1615 Stanley St.
New Britain
(860) 832-1883