Yoga For Everybody

Yoga For Everybody: in back, Ann Vernon and Jessica Stephen; in middle, Robert Ortner and Jeanine Oburchay; in front, Jennifer Jennings. (April 10, 2013)

1) Yoga For Everybody

27 Unquowa Road
(203) 254-9642


Voters Said:

Love the atmosphere and the mini seminars. Great place to have a mini retreat!

Great variety of yoga. Excellent teachers and a wise owner who has integrity.

Amazing instructors and vibes. A very welcoming atmosphere and beautiful studio at a reasonable cost. 


2) Harmony Yoga Studio

48 Union St.
(203) 962-4672


3) Kaia Yoga Complete Wellness Centers

1200 Post Road E.
(203) 532-0660, Ext. 2