Rosenberg and Press

Rosenberg and Press, LLC: Brian Mezick, Ilya Press, Brittany Bisson, Max L. Rosenberg, Esq., Osi Rosenberg, Ryan K Miller, Esq., Marisa Auguste and Chris Hite. (April 10, 2013)

1) Rosenberg and Press

3333 Main St.
(203) 870-6700


Voters Said:

Absolutely the best law firm in CT. Very honest.

Professionalism at its best. Great legal representation and advice.

Great experience and a friendly environment.


2) Michael E. Skiber (The Law Offices of Michael E. Skiber)

135 Elm St.
(203) 515-6035


3) Cohen and Wolf

1115 Broad St.
(203) 368-0211