Fight the Fear

Fight the Fear (Image courtesy of the artist / September 16, 2013)

Fight the Fear

Here's a band that's moving so fast that the awards can't keep up. "Last year, we won for Best Indie Band," drummer/manager Jake Siberon recalls. "Now we feel like we're more of an indie band than before." So, naturally, the Waterbury-based rockers have won this year for Best Overall Band.

Which makes sense, since by Siberon's own admission "we're like the ultimate band's band. We all believe that it takes a band to be a band. We all get a say. We all help write the songs. We've found a sound we're all happy with. We just have the personalities for a thing like that."

Fight the Fear is certainly personable, not to mention fearless. Singer Gabrielle can sell a song with both powerful screams and mournful, emotional wails. She sings of fires and crashes and awakenings, songs so cleanly and crisply played by guitarist Alex, bassist Andrew and drummer Jake that it's easy for crowds to sway and sing along.

Having changed its name from the hard-sell Indian moniker Lakshmi in 2012, Fight the Fear released its debut EP a year ago and posted a full album online in June. The new material has been so well received that it's warranting a full physical CD-type release later this year. "We're so grateful for our fans, for the whole scene, the community," Siberon says. —Christopher Arnott