Kung Fu

Kung Fu (Image courtesy of the artist / September 16, 2013)

Kung Fu

Best Jam Band is a new category this year, and who better to take the prize than fusion gods Kung Fu?

"Kung Fu is a balance of everything all at the same time," guitarist Tim Palmieri said. "We might be exploring a bit, but it's short, to the point, concise, a little more focused, aggressive... It's rock and roll, meat and potatoes. It's gotta be funky at the same time."

They're only 18 months old. But Kung Fu — Palmieri, tenor saxophonist Robert Somerville, keyboard player Todd Stoops, bassist Chris DeAngelis drummer Adrian Tramontano — are all jam-band veterans. Several members, including Palmieri, also play with the Breakfast, "which is great because we have that chemistry," Palmieri said. "But the band is such a different outlet. We just did a Breakfast show. It's a completely different mode, two completely different sides to us."

Kung Fu is also one of the more nationally prominent jam bands in the country; this summer, they gigged at Phish after-parties in Chicago to packed crowds of hippies. They've played in the Midwest, in Ohio, Colorado, Florida and all over the eastern seaboard.

"We haven't hit all the states yet," Palmieri said. "We still have to hit California." —Michael Hamad