Little Ugly

Little Ugly (Image courtesy of the artist / September 16, 2013)

Little Ugly

Hartford's Little Ugly is one of the hardest working bands you'll ever encounter.

"It's a teamwork kind of thing," said singer/guitarist Michael Day. "We are in constant communication daily."

They're also one of the most talented. Day, drummer Nick Dickinson and violinist/singer Kaia Pazdersky recently completed an EP, Where the River's Born, which at times has been offered for free on their Bandcamp site. "We try to give back as much as possible," Day said. "We play two charity events per month... We try to make every show a family event, and we're trying to involve the audience in the show as much as possible."

For the EP, "we went in two goals," Day said. "I've always wanted the recordings to be completely different than the live show. Our live show is more raw and energetic. As far as the studio goes, there's nothing wrong with getting into areas that we don't do live... We tried to get exactly what everyone has in their heads down on tape, and I think we accomplished that."

The second goal was to make sure the super-talented Pazdersky was highlighted. "She came in with a few songs and we wanted to make sure she was represented," Day said.

Being an independent artist in Hartford, Day said, is really about teamwork and support from other local musicians.

"When we started, we were working together to bring other bands and our band into new venues," Day said. "The band we work the most right now is 1974, but we worked closely with String Theorie at first. If they got a gig, they had us open, and if we got a gig, we had them open. We were introducing each other to our fan bases. It wasn't about competition."

Little Ugly also doesn't shy away from the machine of self-promotion.

"I get personal requests from people to stop blasting their Facebook pages with our show announcements, and I'm like, no, sorry," Day said. —Michael Hamad