Connecticut Music Awards 2013: BEST DJ

9:00 AM EDT, September 18, 2013



M.E. may well stand for Miles Elliot of Hartford, Connecticut. But it might as well mean "Mixes Everything" or "Most Everywhere." DJ M.E. may have won Best DJs honors on versatility alone. Spinning since he was a teen, M.E. left a burgeoning career at Travelers and Bank of America three years ago to become a DJ full time. "The more I DJed," he confesses, "the more I realized I didn't want to work corporate any more."

A typical week for DJ M.E. includes his regular slot at the UConn club The Thirsty Dog, prime weekend gigs at clubs in New York, Hartford, New Haven and elsewhere, plus maybe a wedding or big charity event.

"DJing live is what I'm known for," DJ M.E. explains, calmly and without bravado. "I provide a soundtrack for people's lives: people who want to dance, people who want to party, people who may be going through a break-up… I do so many different kinds of venues, it could be any kind of music. I did a wedding in Rhode Island where I played Jason Mraz's 'I'm Yours' into Queen's 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' into some Van Morrison. That's three different decades right there." In the clubs, he spins current dance and pop hits and extends the boundaries with hip-hop, house and reggae records. And if you want to follow DJ M.E.'s rhythms in the privacy of your own home, he regularly posts lengthy podcasts of his best mixes at soundcloud.com/iamdjme. —Christopher Arnott