Glorious gardens to grow in glass
Place a 1/2 -inch layer of gravel for drainage on the bottom of the container.

Sprinkle a few pieces of charcoal over the gravel (it keeps soil from smelling sour over time)

Add a layer of potting soil, about 2-3 inches deep (leave soil at least 1 inch below rim of container); you can create a small slope of slightly deeper soil along one side of the container for a contoured look.

Before placing each plant in the potting soil, gently soften and spread the root ball, just a little, so you open up it up in the middle for good root growth.

Position the plants one by one in the potting mix.

Sprinkle a few decorative wood chips in selected spots, but do not cover the soil entirely.

Add decorative accents, if desired, like a miniature elf sitting under a small toadstool. Seashells, glass beads/marbles, tiny ceramic animals and even small pieces of driftwood also work. Water very lightly, preferably just a few drops around each root ball.

Terrarium tips

•Avoid over watering; succulents need little water while mosses need more so water plants individually, as needed. A terrarium with a closed glass top only needs water when condensation ceases or plants wilt.

•Place terrarium in diffused light, not direct sun light; plants in a terrarium grow nicely under fluorescent lights in offices and homes.

•Rotate the terrarium slightly every few days, if placed near a window, for overall health.

•When plants get to the size you want to maintain them, pinch off the tips, or new growth.

•Fertilizer is not really needed because you want to keep the plants small.


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