Friday @ 5: A cocktail to kick off the weekend

Tribune reporter

Here at Friday @ 5, we're no judge of the context in which you consume your cocktails. This writer, for one, happens to enjoy mixing a good drink while watching television.

So when we found out that HBO's Prohibition-rooted "Boardwalk Empire" returns Sunday for its second season, it was the perfect excuse to write about one if its marketing sponsors' cocktails -- which sounds pretty delicious. Inspired by the show's infamous Lucky Luciano character (played by Vincent Piazza), Basil Hayden's has created Lucky's Manhattan -- the perennial classic with an autumnal additive: maple syrup.

Whether you decide to sub in your favorite bourbon is entirely up to you, of course. Either way, this drink is likely to go down relatively easily while hunkered down on your couch Sunday evening. Try not to spill on the remote.

Basil Hayden's Lucky's Manhattan

1½ ounces Basil Hayden’s bourbon (or your favorite)
½ ounce sweet vermouth
½ ounce dry vermouth
½ ounce maple syrup
2 dashes aromatic bitters
Maraschino cherry

In a rocks glass with ice, stir together bourbon, sweet vermouth, dry vermouth, maple syrup and bitters. Garnish with cherry and serve.

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